domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Pinch Myself

The swell that i get in the back of my throat could overturn the biggest passenger boat and I would choke on these tears but I know you'd only hear a silence in your ears. But how I pinched myself again to see you standing there and then it would all be so clear when we're no longer fighting over here. But how you pinched yourself again to see me not lying there with you next to me. But would it all be so clear in the end if you dropped all your fears and we were friends?
So I'll speak my mind just this once, I know I didn't care for months. Why am I feeling so low? When this ended so long ago? And I cant believe for a second I'm not a single word you say Cause you could have had me back but I threw this all away. You say that you love me but I know you love him more, and I dont know what to say or do anymore. When you say that you love me but if you thought twice then you wouldn't call me here in the middle of the night.

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se desperto cara loka
siempre la agresion =(

violeta c dijo...

de la primariaaa,fuimos juntos 4 años

violeta c dijo...

jajaja , es olivos un día antes de que lo invadan los púberes y sus bizarras mezclas de alcohol


Que tal saliste del dia de la primavera? se festeja aun (?) ja

Michelle dijo...

oh oh que bonita sisi.
La adoro y no mandés más videollamadas locas
te amo♥

Bautiste dijo...

Ayer quería firmar pero creo que me fui a hacer otra cosa.

Nena Cösmica dijo...

Ah! hola!